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Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics shall be adopted, permanently displayed and adhered to by all members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of New Brunswick.

  1. We consider the business in which we are engaged worthy of our best efforts:
    1. To improve our methods, increase our efficiency and render full measure of service for fair compensation.
    2. To foster and maintain a spirit of good-will toward the public whom we serve, believing that courtesy is the first essential requisite, and to be at all times honest and fair in our relations with patrons.
    3. To adhere strictly to a policy of truth in advertising and never mislead with dishonest intent by inference or otherwise in public or private statement of character.
    4. To believe that our associates within the industry are men of honour imbued with the ideal of mutual improvement and preservation of the high standard of craft, and in furtherance of such principle to fulfill promptly all obligations due them.
    5. To be interested in the welfare of our employees, consideration of their health as affected by working conditions, to the end that their worth be fully compensated and their best effort be enlisted in the service.
    6. To carry out the spirit and letter of all contracts in which we are engaged, to respect and observe with utmost fidelity those principles of association to which our members subscribe.
    7. To dedicate, with goodwill, our time and energy to the conduct of our business on the high principles of the Golden Rule, believing that in no other way will a full measure of success be permanently assured.
  2. It is un business-like for a member of this Association to assist unqualified persons to evade or lend himself in the evasion of any of the recognizes rules and regulations governing electrical work.
  3. Members of the Association should expose, without fear or favour, corrupt or dishonest conduct and practices of the members of their business, and it is their duty to bring to the attention of the proper authorities the existence of electrical conditions which are unsafe to Life and Property.
  4. Members of this Association shall not falsely or maliciously injure directly or indirectly, the business reputation, prospects or business of a fellow member of this Association.